CELIANA CÁRDENAS, AMC (Director of Cinematography)

CELIANA CÁRDENAS, AMC (Cinematographer)

CELIANA CÁRDENAS, AMC (Cinematographer) Born in México City, Celiana Cárdenas studied from 1987 to 1992 at the Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica (CCC) in México City, attaining her Bachelors Degree as Director of Photography. From 1990 to 1993 she worked on the television show Sweating Bullets as the 2nd unit D.O.P. During this time she lived in Puerto Vallarta, Israel, South Africa, and the island of Mauritius. From 1994 to 2001 she lived in Los Angeles, California, where she studied at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), taking a Masters Degree in the Painting with Light program. During her career as a Camera Assistant, she has worked with such artists from the New Mexican Cinema such as Emmanuel Lubezki A.M.C., A.S.C., Rodrigo Prieto A.M.C., A.S.C., Guillermo Granillo A.M.C., A.E.C. Henner Hofman A.M.C. Xavier Pérez Grobet A.M.C. among others. In 1995, she shot her first feature film in Los Angeles and in 2005 she returned to México to pursue her feature career in her homeland. Films shot in Mexico include REMEMBRANCE, MY MEXICAN SHIVAH and the box-office hit NO ERES TÚ, SOY YO. In 2010 she moved to Toronto, Canada and shot her first Canadian feature film, FOREVERLAND, that same year, followed by PICTURE DAY in the fall of 2011. Recently Celiana was the cinematographer for LIZ EN SEPTIEMBRE, shot in Venezuela with director Fina Torres.. Celiana presently splits her time between Canada and México.