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Globe and Mail, [May 24, 2013]

A Singular Talent
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Picture Day: wry, superb coming-of-age movie
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Picture Day: Lost between youth and adulthood
Globe and Mail, [May 24, 2013]

3 for FRIDAY … Picture Day Review
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Interview: Tatiana Maslany Talks Picture Day
Yahoo! Voices, [May 24, 2013]

Hey, Hey, It’s Picture Day!
Cinemablographer, [May 24, 2013]

The acting in this movie is almost Picture-perfect
The Toronto Sun, [May 23, 2013]

Picture Day showcases “agile” Tatiana Maslany
MSN Entertainment, [May 23, 2013]

An interview with Kate Melville, writer/director of Picture Day
Toronto Film Scene, [May 23, 2013]

Picture Day Review
Exclaim, [May 23, 2013]

Picture Day Review
DorkShelf, [May 23, 2013]

“Picture Day Review: I love the tagline for this Canadian-made coming-of-age comedy: Overexposed, under-developed.”
Movie Metropolis, [May 22, 2013]

Tatiana Maslany Talks Picture Day with FilmGordon Radio
FilmGordon Radio, [May 21, 2013]

Picture Day Director Kate Melville on High School and Awful Yearbook Photos
Papermag, [May 20, 2013]

Picture Day Review
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Picture Day, Punk Versus Puberty (Film Review)
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‘Orphan Black’ Star Tatiana Maslany Tackles Coming of Age for ‘Picture Day’
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Interview: Kate Melville discusses her directorial debut, ‘Picture Day’
Examiner.com, [May 18, 2013]

Q&A with Tatiana Maslany
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Picture Day, Punk Versus Puberty (Film Review)
ACED Magazine, [May, 2013]

Script to Screen Evolution of Kate Melville’s Picture Day
Canadian Screenwriter, http://wgc.ca [Spring 2013]

Audience awards go to Picture Day, Rising From Ashes and Remote Area Medical.
ScreenDaily [April 22, 2013]

Picture Day, wins audience award for best narrative feature in its U.S. premiere at the RiverRun International Film Festival
PanARMENIAN.Net [April 22, 2013]

“Picture Day,” “In the House,” and Italian prisoner for life Aniello Arena win prizes at North Carolina’s RiverRun International Film Festival.
The Hollywood Reporter [April 21, 2013]

Movie Review: Picture Day
We Vancouver [April 17, 2013]

First time feature Picture Day is something special
Georgia Straight [April 13, 2013]

Smart and funny Picture Day has roots in Degrassi
Georgia Straight [April 13, 2013]

The Vancouver Observer Gives Picture Day 4 Stars
Vancouver Observer [April 12, 2013]

RiverRun round-up: What’s at Winston-Salem’s 2013 film festival
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RiverRun Reviews
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Tatiana Maslany, Shawn Doyle win at ACTRA Awards
Playback, Toronto [February 25, 2013]

Regina actress Tatiana Maslany wins award
Leader-Post cover story [December 17th, 2012]

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Kate Melville’s Picture Day takes Borsos award in Whistler
Playback [December 3, 2012]

“Teen angst film takes top award”
The Province [December 3, 2012]

Picture Day takes home top prize at Whistler Film Festival
Vancouver Sun [December 2, 2012]

Kate Melville’s ‘Picture Day’ Wins Best Canadian Feature at Whistler Film Festival
Hollywood Reporter [December 2, 2012]

“‘Picture Day’ wins Whistler fest’s Canadian film award”
Variety [December 2, 2012]

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Home team rally in Toronto
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Picture Day aims for a truer take on high school life
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Maslany has her Day
Sault Star [September 7th, 2012]

Sault actor finds picture perfect role
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Sweet success: Rising Canadian star shines in sweeping miniseries and TIFF film
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Actress Tatiana Maslany a TIFF ‘rising star’
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Maslany in spotlight again for Picture Day
MSN Entertainment [September 6th, 2012]

Tatiana Maslany On ‘Picture Day,’ Her Rising Status And Playing Teenagers
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Back to 10 Best Music Movies at TIFF 2012: Picture Day
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Tatiana Maslany is all grown up
Now Magazine (cover story) [August 30, 2012]

Canadian filmmakers bring stories about teens to TIFF
CBC [August 28th, 2012]

“Who’s Next? TIFF 2012 Announces Features By First-Time Canadian Directors”
CBC, Strombo.com [August 11, 2012]

TIFF 2012: First look at high school dramedy PICTURE DAY
Quiet Earth [August 8th, 2012]

TIFF 2012 – The Toronto Star’s “mini” review of Picture Day
The Toronto Star [August 2012]

‘Grown-up’ Tatiana Maslany still has some growing up to do
The Toronto Star [NOV 24, 2011]

Tatiana Maslany Finds Time For ‘Picture Day‘”
Hollywood Reporter [OCT 6, 2011]

Tatiana Maslany and Spencer Van Wyck join Picture Day
Playback [OCT 6, 2011]

What People Are Saying

“… while there’s plenty of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll, none tips Picture Day into mindless sensation or Hangover-style improbability. Moreover, it’s superbly cast, especially Regina-born Tatiana Maslany, who plays Claire as an affecting bundle of toughness and vulnerability, wrongheadedness and smarts, appetite and world-wariness, awkwardness and sensuality.” James Adams, The Globe and Mail




“One of the most charming and vibrant debut features by a Canadian filmmaker in recent memory.” Steve Gravestock, TIFF programmer




“Hard-wired with an appealing punk-rock sensibility.” David Nusair, ReelFilmReview




“Engaging, funny and evokes all the beautiful awkwardness and confidence of being a teenager … Kate Melville has tapped into something very funny, real, and uniquely female … Tatiana Maslany absolutely steals the film as Claire … One of the best teen films this country’s ever produced.” Katarina Gligorijevic, Toronto Film Scene




“You care about the characters in this engaging film … ” Susan G. Cole, Now Magazine




“A lovely performance from Tatiana Maslany as the vivid Claire.” Globe and Mail




“A solid, well shot film, at times gritty and sometimes tender … A realistic portrayal of that awkward period in our lives we all face … Great indie soundtrack.” Filmoria




“A remarkable production … This is a brilliant, simple and rewarding film … Melville has done everything right from start to finish.” Adnan Mohamedbhai, ArtScene




“Maslany is terrific as the world-weary, smart-talking teen … ” Linda Barnard, Toronto Star




“… one of the smartest movies on youth I have seen since “Freaks & Geeks.” Jason Whyte, efilmcritic




“… fearless, honest, unapologetic, heartbreaking, and hilarious … soulful, heartfelt, raw, intelligent, profoundly human and so much fun.” Borsos Jury, Whistler Film Festival




“Caught between coming of age and a hard place, Claire just might be Toronto’s female answer to Holden Caulfield.” Ava Baccari, ELLE Canada




“An authentic look at teenage girl’s life in flux, Picture Day is a leap away from your typical fluffy Hollywood high school drama.”Laura deCarufel, Hardly Magazine




“As played by Tatiana Maslany, we’re introduced to a fresh new female protagonist who’s vulnerable, but nobody’s fool — sexy, but hardly existing to capture the attention of men.” Ben Kaplan, National Post




“Smartly written and directed by Kate Melville, Picture Day is a well-executed coming-of-age drama that distinguishes itself with its strong sense of its characters and their emotional universe.” Adam Cook, Filmmaker Magazine




“Sassy, smart, biting, unpredictable, charming and a story about … well … growing up … charming and vibrant debut feature from writer-director Kate Melville… ultimately, the ending is perfect … so is the title of this film about high school … Picture Day is raunchy roller-coaster…but in the good way … I am really looking forward to seeing Melville’s next film.” Kindah Mardam Bey, Press+